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After a months-long, rigorous search process involving multiple construction companies, the Greater Grenada Partnership has been informed that Riley Construction has been selected as the general contractor for the Milwaukee Tool development in Grenada County.

Riley Construction is one of the largest construction firms in Wisconsin and Illinois. They provide a complete range of construction services with expertise in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial/manufacturing, education, commercial, and municipal markets.

Riley operates within three strategically located offices from Chicago to Milwaukee, with a headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The company employs about 250 construction professionals and ranks in the top 50 of Engineering News-Record (ENR) Magazine’s Top Midwestern Contractors’ list and is one of the Milwaukee Business Journal’s fastest-growing firms.

"The selection of a general contractor for the project is one of the most important first-step decisions for the new facility," said Matthew Harrison, CEO of the Greater Grenada Partnership and President of the Greater Grenada Foundation for Economic Development. "This process has led to the selection of a team that Milwaukee Tool feels will not only build the best facility but will engage with local community contractors throughout the construction process.”

Riley Construction has hit the ground running and has already partnered with, T.W. Frierson Contractor, Inc to help lead up the Grenada-based project. T.W. Frierson is a well-known design-build firm and has a long history within the automotive sector. In Mississippi, T.W. Frierson is best known for building the massive 2.5 million square feet, $1.43 billion Nissan North America, Inc facility located in Canton.

With the construction contractors now selected, Riley and T.W. Frierson will work with, Grenada County and local subcontractors to begin pre-construction development. For any subcontractors with interest in pursuing the project, Riley has provided the following email address for contractors to begin the pre-approval process. The email address is

Harrison stated that there is a lot of dirt to be moved, “As with any project of this size, we can expect a lot of dirt work as the pad site is developed. We estimate 480,000 yards of dirt will be moved. To put that in perspective that’s roughly 48,000 dump trucks of dirt. That’s a lot of earth and it takes time to make sure everything is prep and ready for the facility to go up.”

According to Keith Mitchell, Chairman of the Greater Grenada Foundation of Economic Development the community is excited about seeing ground move and the facility start going up. “The positive attitude in the community is electrifying. The community is ready to welcome Milwaukee and the general contractors with open arms. The community has geared up to support in anticipation of the growth.”

Pre-construction will continue over the next several months, with groundbreaking and construction slated to be announced soon. The construction phase is expected to span 24 - 28 months, with occupancy of the facility will likely be in the second quarter of 2023.


The Greater Grenada Partnership was created as an inter-connected community economic development agency to enhance the regional economy. Centrally located between Jackson, MS, and Memphis, TN, the organization partners with regional municipalities, mayors, and area boards along with the Grenada County Board of Supervisors. The organization is comprised of the Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Grenada Foundation for Economic Development, and the Grenada County Economic Development District. The GGP utilizes strategic partnering to bring new businesses and jobs to Grenada County while working closely with existing businesses to expand their current operations.



If you would like more information about this topic, please call Matthew Harrison at 662-229-9502 or via email at

Subcontractors interested in bidding on the project can begin the prequalification process by sending their information via email to:

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