The Vision and Mission of Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce


Develop the Greater Grenada Community so that it is recognized as the place to live, work, and play.


The Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce will provide the structure and leadership for businesses, organizations, and individuals to work together for the continuous improvement of socioeconomic and business climate in the Grenada County area.

What is the Chamber?

Chambers of Commerce are business and community associations, generally incorporated as a 501(c)(6) business. Chambers of commerce are not part of local, state, or federal government, though chambers do often partner with government to accomplish the chamber mission. Today's Chamber of Commerce, rather than being narrowly focused on one particular industry, issue, cause, or activity, focus on a broad range of activities and support for both businesses and communities.


The Chamber is a strong, progressive, community minded volunteer organization. It is comprised of individuals, both business and non-business, who meet the challenges of making the Grenada area a strong retail trade market, an exciting tourism destination and a safe, comfortable and prosperous community.


We are dedicated to the betterment of our area businesses, education and community. You, as part of this area community, have a vested interest in it. Together we can promote our businesses and community through the Chamber’s various activities.


The Chamber actively promotes the business potential, growth and profitability of the Grenada area. We receive many inquiries via telephone, walk-ins and e-mail, which we respond to promptly with brochures and informational materials of our members.


Our Chamber is a volunteer organization made up of people just like you. We band together to enhance and promote this area’s retail commerce, industries, tourism, agriculture, education, local and state government, recreation and consumer relations.


We are funded through membership dues, city and county government, fundraising events, and donations from generous businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Board of Directors

A 7 member Board of Directors provides leadership for the Chamber. They are selected from the general membership and provide the membership with direction, planning, and policies. In addition to planning and policies, the Board provides an important liaison between the Chamber and other community organizations.


As a participating member of the Chamber organization, you make things happen. Chamber membership is a unique opportunity to keep you in the mainstream of our community and gives you the privilege of shaping the community’s economic and civic growth. That’s why the Chamber needs you as an active member, and you need the Chamber. Together we can turn our community’s dreams into reality.