GGP is here to help.

Retaining and expanding local businesses is central to the mission of economic development to the Greater Grenada Partnership. Over the last eight years, our region has seen over 2,000 new jobs created due to our intense focus on BR&E. It is important to all of us to build positive relationships with our local businesses, connect with them regularly, and follow up when problems arise that may affect critical business activities.

The Grenada County Economic Development district offers a longstanding in-depth community consultation program designed to help create a plan so that our local business grow and thrive.

How do we do that?

By offering training, leadership and mentorship programs, incentive programs, and quality researched based reporting so we can deliver tools to you that will enhance your business success. Below are just a few of the program offerings.

Business Roundtable Event.

This is an opportunity for you to meet your peers and discuss several high-level topics such as workforce development, wage surveys, community development actions, policy, governance, and much more. What to know more? Contact to be added to the event list.

BR&E Office Visit.

Our goal is customer service and we aim to please. We offer quarterly, bi-annual, or annual visits by our team of professionals to discuss your business needs. We also bring industry experts from the state and regional divisions, such as the utility companies, planning and development districts, manufacturing research teams (such as six sigma, kaizen, and KPI modeling) and many others. Need professional services from a trusted advisor? We are here to help.

Annual Wage Surveys.

We know quality team members are important to your organization and making sure that you are offering them a quality income is as well. Each year we partner with our regional organizations to develop a regional annual wage survey. This confidential report can help your organization understand the wage structures in the region.

Data-Driven Research.

Need data about potential suppliers? Need to know who might need your services? Want to know what surplus and leakage looks like for your product? Yes, we can do that for you. We send out data that is both generic and specific to our local business climate. And we can tailor research based on your needs.

Incentives and Financial Support

Every business need is different, and we understand that. From expansions to retention, to new product development, to capital for equipment or state statutory tax abatements, we can help create an incentive plan to meet your needs. We have built trusted relationships with our partners so that we can deliver to you the financial support that makes sense for your business.

Contact Us 

Need more information about the programs above or another item, please contact our office at 662-229-9502 or email us at