New Jobs Coming to Grenada


The Grenada County Board of Supervisors recently received a $392,665 grant from the Delta Regional Authority for a new economic development expansion project that will be located in the industrial park.

The project will create 50 or more new jobs with an annual salary range of $50,000. DRA funds will be used to build an access road and install new sewer and water lines to serve the facility. The road will serve local business and provide opportunities to attract other industries to the area.

“We are pleased by the capital investment in our community and the opportunity that the new jobs will create”, stated Harrison, President of the Greater Grenada Partnership. The company plans to build on six acres with a 14,000 square foot facility and invest over $7 million dollars.

Harrison believes that Grenada is at the cusp of a development revival. “Grenada is poised for growth. We increased our marketing strategy and it has taken off. We are currently working more projects than at any time in the past. The hard work that the board of supervisors did in the industrial park has just begun to pay off.”

The grant was part of a $2.6 million project to enhance workforce training, help create and retain jobs and improve water and sewer service for rural families across the state. DRA’s investments, along with other public and private partners, will bring a total of $30.7 million in new investments to Mississippi.

Harrison stated, “We are always thankful for partners like the Delta Regional Authority that understand the importance of helping rural communities. Grenada County will continue to seek ways to develop for future economic growth.”

The new company plans to make a formal announcement at a future date and will begin to break ground in early to mid-spring.