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LEADERSHIP IN ACTION:  Matthew Harrison of the Greater Grenada Partnership to participate in Communities in Action Event at the White House.


The Greater Grenada Partnership is pleased to announce that Matthew Harrison, CEO, President & Director of the Partnership, will be participating in the invitation-only Communities in Action Event at the White House on September 14.

Harrison will meet with governmental and civic leaders on a range of topics including economic development. Discussions will include the impact of the Biden-Harris Investing in America Agenda on the state of Mississippi as a whole and on the Greater Grenada area, including impacts on infrastructure and business development.

Over the past two years, the Greater Grenada region has experienced record-breaking growth, beginning with the successful culmination of efforts to revive the historic Grenada Railroad, stretching 180 miles from Jackson to Memphis. The revival was the result of a strategic combination of public/private investment. In addition to local and state governmental investment, $7.54 million in funds from the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America “INFRA” Grant, and $6.2 million in funds from Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvement “CRSI” Grant were leveraged to attract $200 million in private investment. The newly revived railroad now provides Class III service to eight industrial parks that have emerged and grown along the rail line, from Montgomery County, Mississippi to Memphis, creating over 11,000 jobs and a total annual economic impact in excess of $2 billion dollars.

Also, in the last two years, ambitious industrial recruitment has allowed Grenada to leverage $42 million in federal grants to attract $810 million private investment with companies relocating or expanding in Greater Grenada, creating 3,665 committed jobs with a total economic impact in excess of $1 billion.

“It’s an honor to have been invited to this event,” Harrison said. “ And I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to connect with other leaders and with ideas for how we will continue this impressive growth for the Greater Grenada region.”


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