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$50,000 Grant for Industrial Park


The Grenada County Board of Supervisors has received a $50,000 grant from the Mississippi Development Authority's Site Development Grant Program. The grant is to be used to complete the design engineering of an access road from Highway 7 through the Business & Technology Park North.

The proposed access road will enter the park from the north end and will connect with the access road already built on the south end of the park, forming a continuous north/south route through the park along I-55. This access road will facilitate opening the entire park for industrial development.

“Grenada has one of the largest continuous acre industrial parks in the state, and we need to develop every inch for future growth,” stated Harrison, President of the Greater Grenada Partnership. The Grenada Business and Technology Industrial Park is the largest industrial greenfield site in north-central Mississippi; this 1,175-acre industrial park is the primary focus of industrial development in Grenada County.

Currently, direct access from the industrial park to I-55 is provided by Papermill Road, which is less than 1.5 miles from the entrance of the park. The future proposed road will provide direct access from the north end of the industrial park to Highway 7 and then on to I-55. The new road will provide greater access to the industrial property facing I-55.

Darrell Robinson, the President of the Grenada County Board of Supervisors, stated, “Our goal is to continue to expand the park and develop the product. With so much economic development activity happening, the supervisors want to keep the momentum going forward.”

The Grenada County Board of Supervisors has recently completed the southern portion of the industrial park with the addition of a new rail spur and water tower. The completed area of the park has seen a steady increase in industrial activity since it’s completion in June of last year.

Harrison stated, “with the south end of the industrial park completed and receiving heavy prospect traffic, the natural progression is to open up the northern portion of the park.”

The MDA Site Development Grant is a competitive program created to maintain the state’s competitive position in economic development, the Mississippi Development Authority’s Site Development Grant Program offers two unique programs to assist public or private non-profit economic development organizations or local governments with developing site ready locations to attract business development in the state.


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