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$10,000 Grants Received


GGCED Receives Two Community Development Grants

The Grenada County Economic Development District was recently selected to receive two grants for community and economic development marketing. The grants were awarded by Entergy Mississippi and will be used for advertising and promotion of the community and the industrial park.

Chris Hinton, Manager of Community Development at Entergy Mississippi, Inc. stated, "We are pleased to provide support for these community and economic development projects that are vital to growing the local and state economy through job creation, expansion of existing employers and recreational amenities that will add community pride and sustainability for many years to come. Vibrant communities lead to job growth, and Entergy Mississippi recognizes this and supports communities with a vision and implementation plan such as this of the Greater Grenada Partnership, our partners in economic development. "

Matthew Harrison, President of the Greater Grenada Partnership, said, “We are very thankful to have been selected to receive two Entergy Mississippi grants. Community development grants are competitive, and to be eligible to receive a grant, applicants must provide a detailed marketing plan describing how they would use the grant funds to promote their community. The GGP was chosen because of its strategic and very specific marketing plan designed to increase awareness of our industrial product. This is just another example of the hard work and dedication of the Grenada County team being recognized.”

The two grants totaled $10,000 and will be used to produce industrial park marketing material for the Grenada region. The marketing material will be selectively sent to corporations around the globe. Also, a part of the funds will be used to pay for the recent USM sports complex feasibility study. The feasibility study was instrumental in helping educate the public on the advantages of community development activities.

“The marketing grants are designed to spur job creation, economic development, and visitor spending through new or enhanced products,” said Harrison. “These grants are used to increase visibility by creating marketing partnerships and effective marketing programs. Grenada has an excellent product, and it needs more opportunities to tell the story.”

“These grants support businesses across the Grenada region, contributing to the overall economic health of our communities,” said Darrell Robinson, President of the Grenada Board of Supervisors and the GCEDD. “These public-private partnerships are a wonderful example of the power of collaboration and help support and grow a robust and diversified economy, encouraging strategic marketing of economic development products and businesses across the area.”


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